About Andreas


In 1971, Andreas emerged from the Saarland into the world. He discovered his creative side from an early age and likewise, his father contributed an enthusiasm towards photography. Even today, Andreas has maintained this passion; particularly in the realm of black-and-white images and stock photography. However, this professional is more rational in regards to the on-the-go automotive industry. Interestingly, his talent for pencil sketching actually occurred by mistake. A few months ago, he happened upon a set of pencil drawings and fine art prints. He was immediately taken by this medium and its innate ability to convey expressive emotions in a simple and yet delicate manner.

Thanks to his professional background and through the help of such diverse interests, Andreas immediately picked up his pencil and began drawing images; mainly within the world of motorsports. However, after numerous studies and sketches, Andreas diversified into detailed representations of objects as well as a spectrum of landscape scenes. He further pushed these creative boundaries by experimenting with architectural elements and detailed cityscapes.

Thus, Andreas has evolved into a passionate photographer in the eyes of many fellow artists and contemporaries. Still, he considers this advancement only a small step in a much bigger picture. Thanks to the use of a variety of modern image editing software, he has been able to manipulate photographs on a computer so that they appear nearly identical to their sketched counterparts (albeit with interesting nuances). One-to-one mapping in combination with these sketches leave much more room for imagination; hence his art is not based upon perfection alone. For Andreas, the main focus of fine art is found within the moods, atmosphere and the unique impressions of the specific moment depicted.

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